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World Trade Resource, Inc. Announces Integration of Global Tax Network US, LLC Travel and Workday Calendar

New York, February 11th, 2014 – World Trade Resource (WTR) is pleased to announce that the Global Tax Network (GTN) Travel and Work Day calendar is now available to its clients as part of their wtrMobility portal. The calendar provides a powerful tool to proactively identify potential tax risks for the client’s mobile population, especially for their business travelers. The Mobility Administrator can run reports at any time to monitor the travel and workday schedules for all of their mobile employees on a real-time and projected basis.

GTN is dedicated to the tax needs of mobile employees and the organizations that support them, creating a smooth employee experience.

“The integration of the Global Tax Network into World Trade Resource’s services provides our clients with a user-friendly calendar for assignees and streamlined reports for human resource professionals’ use. We are excited about offering this very efficient tax services tool to our clients,” stated Stephan M. Branch, CEO, World Trade Resource, Inc.

David Kolb, President of GTN noted, “We are pleased to integrate our leading-edge technology with WTR’s portal to increase the availability of the calendar to a broader range and scope of mobility programs.”

About WTR
Corporate Development and Human Resources rely on WTR for the live data they need to make critical business decisions in 240 countries and thousands of cities around the world. The most critical information located in one on-line resource. WTR provides world-class information solutions that are a powerful addition to any corporate process.

wtrMatrix™ is continuously streaming 5,000 global business indicators in 20 categories for 240 countries. We give you the right information, so you can make the most informed business decisions for Corporate Development and Human Resources including expansion planning, site selection and mergers and acquisitions. 

wtrMobility™ provides the data and resources that enable you to make global mobility a standard operating practice---one that is fast, flexible, efficient and repeatable in over 200 countries.

About GTN
GTN is a mobility tax services firm. GTN provides international and domestic mobility program development and support for organizations, including tax planning and preparation services for employees on assignment, transferring to a new host location (e.g., moving to a new country), or working temporarily outside of their home location. GTN combines excellent client service, technical expertise, and leading-edge technology to provide a full range of mobility tax services.
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