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World Trade Resource Named Company to Watch in 2015

New York, NY January 13, 2015 - World Trade Resource, Inc., (WTR) is honored to be named to Diversity Affluence’s Companies to Watch for 2015. Along with Goldman Sachs and Cartier, Diversity Affluence cited WTR as a company that is “providing global cultural insight competitively, innovating regularly, shifting paradigms effectively or creating social impact necessarily.” Over 100 million users rely on WTR for the live data they need to do business in 200 countries and thousands of cities around the world. The wtrMatrix is the flagship online portal and is continuously streaming 5,000 global business indicators in 20 categories to facilitate informed business decisions for Corporate Development and Human Resources. Through the use of WTR services, clients are provided with in-depth information about the culture of the country they are traveling or being assigned to, along with an end-to-end tool that sheds light on their own cultural orientation, as well as that of the country where they are relocating. WTR was founded by Fortune 100 global executives who needed to conduct business on a global scale in a faster, more productive and cost effective way. World Trade Resource is widely respected for the accuracy of its analysis and for providing a comprehensive and consistent worldview for making important cross-border decisions.