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GoWorldWise 1:1™

GoWorldWise 1:1 

Virtual-led or face-to-face, cross-cultural coaching for global leaders, assignees, business travelers and global work teams delivered by certified cross-cultural coaches. GoWorldWise 1:1 creates success by building cultural awareness and strategies to develop cultural competency during facilitated, interactive, two-hour coaching sessions.  

GoWorldWise 1:1 coaching is enhanced by GoWorldWise --- our trademarked cultural and global readiness tool that covers 200 countries and thousands of cities.  


Who Benefits: 


Global Leaders and Teams

  • Individual effectiveness
  • Team effectiveness sessions
  • New team assimilations
  • New leader assimilations

Global Assignees

  • Cultural Integration and onboarding
  • Assignee assimilation into community and work
  • Family support
  • Ongoing support for the assignee 

 How Participants Benefit: 

  • Create a customized action plan to address specific challenges
  • Develop the skills needed to effectively bridge cultural gaps
  • Learn how to participate in and lead global work teams
  • Learn about cultural gaps
  • Gain country and city knowledge at the local level





Who Benefits: 

  • Global Assignees 
  • Spouse/Partner
  • Business Travelers
  • Global Leaders 
  • Global Work Teams 


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