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About Us:

Corporate Development and Human Resources rely on WTR for the live data they need to make critical business decisions in over 200 countries and thousands of cities around the world.  The most critical information located in one on-line resource.

WTR was founded by Fortune 100 global executives who needed to conduct business on a global scale in a faster, more productive and cost effective way. WTR provides four world-class solutions that are a powerful addition to any corporate process.
wtrMatrix™ is continuously streaming 5,000 global business indicators in 20 categories for over 200 countries. We give you the right information, so you can make the most informed business decisions for Corporate Development and Human Resources including expansion planning, site selection and mergers and acquisitions.  

wtrMobility provides the data and resources that enable you to make global mobility a standard operating practice---one that is fast, flexible, efficient and repeatable in over 200 countries.

GoWorldWise™ The most comprehensive global readiness tool on the market today.  All the cultural competencies, live alerts, relocation and city-specific information you will ever need---in one customized dashboard. 

GoWorldWise 1:1™  Virtual-led, or face-to-face, cross-cultural coaching for global leaders, assignees, business travelers and global work teams delivered by certified cultural coaches. GoWordlWise 1:1 creates success by building cultural awareness and strategies to develop cultural competency during facilitated, interactive coaching sessions that may be delivered in two-hour or full-day sessions. 




WTR Advantage

World Trade Resource is widely respected for the accuracy of its analysis. WTR provides a comprehensive and consistent world view for making important cross border business decisions. We are known for our:

  • 5,000 data points
  • Critical information in one on-line resource
  • Comprehensive country coverage
  • Consistent and timely analysis
  • Global network of 800 analysts
  • Wide access to global thought leaders