A New Framework For Global Mobility

The wtrMobility portal provides the data and resources that enable you to make global mobility a standard operating practice---one that is fast, flexible, efficient and repeatable in over 200 countries.

Employee Mobility Tools: Protect and keep your most valuable employees engaged and loyal by integrating real-time country and city data to ensure smooth transitions and retention. Every on-line subscription includes:

  • Country guides for 200 countries
  • Live and interactive city guides for thousands of cities
  • Live news for every country
  • Local orientation and settling-in information
  • Health advisory
  • Travel advisory
  • Educational options (including admissions processes/curriculum)
  • Business visa immigration guidelines and processing requirement

Employer Mobility Tools: As global mobility grows in importance and complexity, companies need a framework to help them design a full range of programs. Every subscription includes:

  • Best-in-class destination service providers in 200 countries
  • Labor market and compensation survey data
  • Volume-driven pricing for destination service providers
  • Local market overviews including housing costs by assignee level
  • City-specific, comprehensive rental practice information
  • Rental housing supply and availability
  • Market trend analysis
  • Site selection and group move tools
  • Ongoing live support for every location


WTR Advantage:


WTR offers Mobility resources and tools in 200 countries that enable you to make global mobility a standard operating practice.

  • Smart Standardization
  • Volume-leveraged Pricing
  • Demand-driven Information
  • Performance-based Logistics
  • Regional Sourcing
  • Emerging Markets

WTR has developed strong partnerships with best-in-performance businesses around the world.

Every member of the WTR has undergone rigorous training, accreditation and certification.

By utilizing stringent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Benchmarking and ongoing Audits, we ensure the best-in-class resources in every location.

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