WTR was founded by a group of Fortune 100 global executives who needed to conduct business on a global scale in a faster, more productive and cost effective way.  The firm is led by Stephan M. Branch, PhD, President and CEO.  Dr. Branch directs a team of Editors, Coaches and 800 Analysts in 50 editorial sites around the world. He is responsible for the revenue growth, service quality and strategic expansion of the firm.

WTR Advantage:
  • Veteran global executives
  • National Foreign Trade experience
  • Sensitive to distinct challenges in private and public companies

Our Leadership

Stephan M. Branch, MBA, PhD

President and CEO

In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Branch is responsible for the revenue growth, overall quality and strategic direction of the firm. His extensive global experience includes serving as the executive vice president of a 3.8 billion dollar publicly traded talent and mobility company and several terms as a Board of Director on the National Foreign Trade Council in Washington DC. He has led both privately held and publicly traded companies in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US. During his tenure at those companies, he was responsible for a total of 55 countries and lived on five continents. Dr. Branch is multilingual and has an MBA and Ph.D. in International Business from the George Washington University and is a graduate of Harvard Law School's Program on International Negotiation.

Justine Masters

Cross-cultural Program Director

Justine Masters is multi-cultural and multi-lingual and has lived in Jamaica, England, and various cities in the US and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America. She currently resides in her hometown of New York City. Justine has achieved various certification programs and has completed over 200 hours of cross-cultural, competency-based training to provide growth-based cultural coaching. Ms. Masters is passionate about learning about other cultures and is very active in her local community while supporting grass-roots organizations dedicated to affecting change.

Jennifer Pineda

Marketing Digital Media

Ms. Pineda executes WTR’s marketing strategy while maintaining the customer CRM database. As well, Jennifer manages promotions, campaigns, and target marketing including ROI tracking. Jennifer is completing her BS degree at the University of North Texas and is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish, and she understands the importance of cultivating an environment that celebrates diversity.

Chris Richardson

Managing Editor

Chris Richardson has lived in seven countries on three continents, performing both global and regional roles in the areas of mobility and talent management. As Managing Editor of World Trade Resource, Chris has overall responsibility for the content integrity for 200 countries around the world for the World Trade Resource (WTR). He speaks French and German in addition to his native English. An avid traveler, Chris enjoys returning to the countries in which he has lived while every year also visiting a new country for the first time.