Build a globally inclusive culture by delivering scalable solutions.

In an inclusive environment, organizations can leverage the full benefit of a diverse workforce.  Different cultures emphasize different dimensions of diversity such as age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, mental and physical ability, all within the context of a multigenerational workforce.  There are certain values, behaviors, and practices in a specific culture that influence perceptions of inclusion.

Worldwide, every country is in different stages of developing a truly diverse and inclusive society, and culture shift is part of this change. In order to fully understand and drive global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives, it is critical for organizations to examine both DEIB and culture shift at the country level. World Trade Resource monitors these shifts and trends in the workforce in 200 countries. Our data-driven approach and insights on country-specific cultural and diversity shifts can be used to shape your DEIB strategy and deliver appropriate solutions.  

Our Approach:  Ask, Listen, Explore 

  • Understand YOUR organization and YOUR culture 
  • Understand where YOUR organization is today in the DEIB journey 
  • Partner with YOU to solve challenges and drive success 
Our DEIB Solutions:  Solving Challenges and Helping YOU Succeed 
  • Consulting Services: Driving your Objectives
  • C-Suite Workshops:  Understanding the Financial Impact of DEIB
  • Management Workshops:  Engaging Leaders, Modeling, Creating Allyship
  • Employee Workshops:  Empowering your Employees
  • Scalable and Agile Digital Solutions:  Building WITH your Organization
  • On-demand Learning:  Creating a Continuous Learning Mindset
  • Interactive Digital Consoles:  Just-in-time, Just Enough, Just for Me

WTR Advantage:

  • Scalable solutions customized to your culture
  • Interactive digital employee experiences 
  • Agile and flexible in 40+ languages 
  • Bespoke on-demand learning

How Participants Benefit:

  • Accelerate learning
  • Build a continuous learning mindset
  • Build on foundational DEIB learning and promote leadership in DEIB
  • Drive diversity dimensions at the Internal, External and Organizational levels
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