“By definition, JUSTICE is fairness in the way people are treated. We invite you to attend our ongoing JUSTWise Talk Series to learn about creating systemic change that truly moves the needle.”

Dr. Stephan M. Branch, CEO, World Trade Resource

Creating systemic change that moves the needle

Since the founding of our company well over a decade ago, we have always focused on one simple belief: The Right Information Changes Everything. That’s what the JUSTWise Talk Series is all about. It’s bringing the right information into one place to help our communities and our clients move the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion needle to create systemic change. It’s about providing the knowledge sharing, the data, and the resources to help leaders and practitioners understand where and how to begin creating systemic change throughout their own organizations.

Join us in a series of thought-provoking discussions, as we continue to create a safe and inclusive environment for tackling the tough conversations. We bring thought leaders, change agents, senior executives and even a few high-profile celebrities together, to share their stories, their successes, their wins and their losses and what they’ve learned along the way. Every edition of the JUSTWise Talk Series will leave you energized and passionate, while also providing you with the right information to take back to your own organization to create impactful, systemic change.