"By definition, JUSTICE is fairness in the way people are treated. We invite you to attend our fiive-part JUSTWise Talk Series to learn about creating systemic change that truly moves the needle.” Dr. Stephan M. Branch, CEO, World Trade Resource

SERIES II SESSION 1: Exploring the Dimension of Diversity Through Data and People: The Complexity of People

Date: Feb. 11, 2021 - 11AM-12PM EST

The Complexity of People Through Stories

Since the 1960’s, organizations have been reporting data on race and gender via the EEOC and AAP to help drive informed decisions and set policy. We display data in a binary way – black or white, male or female, gay or straight, old or young, wealthy or poor. Yet today, we talk about living in the “age of data”. So, we know how many blacks are living in the USA, how many women, how many people under the age of 23, how many are making over a million dollars a year, etc. But a lot has changed.

Even with the concept of intersectionality, which describes two-dimensions such as black and female, it is difficult to find research and data. And it is near impossible to find data once the dimensions of diversity become even more complex, such as black and female and gay and GenY.

Join us for a 5-part series that explores the framework for discussing and measuring the complex multi-dimensions of people today. If we do not have the framework, then how are corporations and policy setters creating fact-based and data-based policies and programs? And how do we ensure that the people with converging dimensions are being represented and understood?

Questions: >> varied by each session

In this session, join us for an interactive discussion with global thought leaders on diversity & equity as they tell their personal diversity stories, the impact of diversity on them and their families, and the power of data on policy and programs. We will:

  • Hear real people describe their dimensions of diversity through their personal stories.
  • Explore the impact of living in a binary world on those who are living a non-binary life.
  • Discuss the importance and relevance of collecting and reporting accurate data.
  • Debate the power of data in shaping diversity strategy, policy and programs.

Today, we will talk to our guests and hear their personal stories, their diversity journey and experiences, and their thoughts on the complexity of diversity data.

Featured Speakers:

Lucida Plummer Head of Employee D&I, JP Morgan Chase & Co

Rajiv Desai Founder & CEO, Chrysalis LLC

Shane Nelson Inclusion & Diversity Strategy and Engagement Lead, Sanofi

Panel Moderator
Patricia A. Lee President & Founder, P.A.L. Coaching & Consulting