JUSTWise is a Digital Learning Experience

We believe that the right information changes everything. The right information helps companies to create cultures of belonging within workplaces that directly impact creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Benefits to Employee:

  • End-to-end DEI solution with sequenced learning
  • On-demand task and scenario-based learning: just-in-time, just enough, just-for-me
  • Certificate-based, DEI learning
  • Engaging, dynamic, culturally informed employee experience
  • Understand how country cultures fit into the DEI equation

Benefits to Client:

  • Data-driven assessment and technology-enabled action for the individual and organization to promote real, tangible, and measurable growth
  • Lower per employee cost for DEI programing
  • Integrated into LMS or customer experience via API feeds
  • Decrease in risk to business for non-compliance
  • Hard metrics to build a culture of belonging

WTR Advantage

  • Three level-based solutions of DEI learning (Standard, Growth and Leadership)
  • Focus on the Employee, Manager and Leader
  • Build on foundational DEI learning and promote a journey towards cultures of belonging
  • Deep dive into the Primary, Secondary, and External dimensions of diversity

An integrated learning experience:

  • Put into action what is learned from scenario-based questions that reflect real-life
  • Just-in-time learning from live-streaming and blogs to webcasts and podcasts
  • Focus on Micro-inequities, Microaggressions, Intent vs. Impact and Unconscious Bias
  • Access our highly acclaimed JUSTWise Talk Series with renowned speakers and thought-provoking conversations
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