Jackie Glenn

CEO, Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions

"When you find your purpose, you understand your journey."

Jackie Glenn is the founder and CEO of GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions. She began her career in the year 2000 when she joined the human resources department of EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 company in the technology sector. Working in HR proved to be Jackie's "aha" moment. She immediately saw that her life’s journey as a Jamaican immigrant in America could help EMC and others to create corporate environments that reflect the diverse world they are aiming to serve.

Her distinctive take on navigating the working world uniquely qualified Jackie to lead EMC’s efforts of building a diverse workforce. She quickly progressed to Global Chief Diversity Officer, overseeing 60,000 employees worldwide. Within this role, she created programs in organizational development, leadership consulting, and employee training. Jackie lifted EMC’s entire corporate culture to international recognition and acclaim by pioneering many of the best practices in the diversity and inclusion space.

In addition to consulting, executive coaching, and helping corporations implement strategies and best practices through GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions, Jackie is a dynamic speaker. She often hosts national and international conferences, and participates on industry panels.

Jackie holds a Master of Science degree in human resources management from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and a bachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. Her love for civic advocacy includes service on the Board of the Children’s Services of Roxbury (MA), the Board of the Museum of African American History (Boston), and the Board of Overseers of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

,Lift As I Climb: An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America is Jackie's instructional biography on how she employed her ten self-created "gems" to guide her journey from nanny to CEO. Within its pages, Glenn reveals a vow she made to herself, alone at a cold bus stop soon after she arrived to the U.S. “When life gets better for me, no one will be left at the bus stop.” Her life is a reflection of that conviction.

For an extended look into Jackie’s accomplishments and accolades, see her full bio on the GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions website.