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wtrTrade™ has reached agreement with the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research (WISER) in order to become the premier data source for world production and consumption of commodities. This ensures that you can now utilize more than 20,000 categories of trade data for the top worldwide markets to maintain global market intelligence, build world market sales volumes, measure market penetration and monitor your competitor’s performance. 

WISER has built its capacity on its expertise in international trade data which emanated from the work of its principals with the Foreign Trade Division of the Bureau of Census—U.S. Department of Commerce; Statistics Canada; China and other key countries. 

WISER focuses on providing data to help companies determine the commodity and time detail regarding focus on 20,000 commodity groups and monthly data with monthly currency; sub-national detail worthy of consideration in uniquely large countries; and business-to-business relations in potential bilateral country areas—following potentials for joint ventures, sales support and supply chain relevance.

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  • Maintain Market Intelligence
  • Build Sales Volumes
  • Measure Market Penetration of Suppliers & Competitors
  • Monitor Performance
  • Measure Market Growth